Top 10 Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands in India

Top 10 Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands in India

Kitchen Appliances are a part of our daily life. They are one of the basic home appliances. One cannot imagine a day without them in their life. Be it grinding some Chutney in the Mixer-Grinder for your lunch or making a quick sandwich in the toaster before leaving your home for your office, the Best Small Kitchen Appliances brands products help us a lot.

But buying them is a difficult and a real hectic task as it becomes difficult to choose from a number of brands available in the market. It is equally important to keep in mind a few things before taking out your wallet or credit/debit card for paying for the right small kitchen appliances for your kitchen.

Such as the build quality of the product itself, as it totally depends on the material it is made of that whether it will be going to last for a few days/weeks/months or even years with you. Since the mid 90’s the material Stainless Stell has been considered as one the most premium material for manufacturing Small Kitchen Appliances. But nowadays, Good quality plastic is also available which provides very similar results and they are perfect kitchen appliances for Indian cooking.


You must ask yourself these 5 questions which will help you in making the right choice for your next perfect small kitchen appliance.

  1. How much space I will be needing or the storage space?
  2. Is it easy to clean?
  3. Is it in the color combination that matches your Kitchen Decor?
  4. What are the customer reviews?
  5. Is it durable enough?

We have made it easy for you to choose the best price kitchen appliances for your Kitchen in order to increase the Quality of your Kitchen while at the same time keeping the budget in mind.

We at Top 3 Kitchen Appliances, Conducts as detailed market research before posting any on-demand review from multiple sources. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest information for the best selling and best-performing kitchen appliances products in the market. Dear reader, we present you the Top 10 Best Small Kitchen Appliance Brands in India

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LG is among the Top Brands for Home and Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands in India. To be honest, LG needs no introduction as this brand is genuinely keeping the number 1 rank for many years now. In my friends and relatives as well there will hardly be any home without having at least a single appliance from LG.

LG tops the list because they provide the best quality Kitchen Appliances and utmost satisfaction to their customers. Their products are durable, budget-friendly, and do not let down the customers. Their after-sale service is also remarkable. Providing a wide range of products like Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Refrigerators. Their products are best selling and energy-efficient.


Philips Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands

Philips comes with a proven track record for making the food healthier and tastier with its wide range of Best Small Kitchen Appliances without spoiling the taste of the food even a little bit.

Philips offers great customer satisfaction when it comes to small kitchen appliances, that is why it is placed on the 2nd place in our list of Top 10 Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands. Providing a wide range of products like Grills, Steamers, Toasters & more.


Top 10 Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands

The Indian brand Bajaj well known for the best quality and top-rated Kitchen Appliances at the best prices in India. The range of small kitchen appliances from Bajaj reduces your monthly bill on power consumption and makes your food healthier and tastier while reducing your time of cooking as well.

Providing a real wide range of small kitchen appliances including Mixer Grinders, Electric Pressure Cookers, Hand Blenders are some of its best selling appliances in the market according to our research. You can go for the appliances from this brand blindly, they will not let you down.


10 Best small Kitchen Appliances Brands

Usha is an Indian based organization with a market cap of approx Rs. 90 Crore. This organization was established in the year 1954. Usha is well known for the variety of products it provides in the Indian Market, these products are specially designed for the Indian audience. Quality for the customers is the first priority for Usha.

Their range of Mixer Grinders roars in the entire market and thus maintaining the top position for quite a long time now. Millions of people trust Usha for small kitchen appliances. We personally use the Food Processor from Usha for the last many years and not even a single issue we have faced so far. A perfect small Kitchen Appliances brand for your dear kitchen.


Inalsa one the Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands

Inalsa has always been one of the most preferred brands by Indian consumers for small Kitchen appliances and home appliances. Inalsa is among the list of fastest-growing small kitchen appliances and home appliances companies in Inda. This company is basically a subsidiary of Taurus Group, which was founded in the year 1997.

Inalsa products come with the best quality material and innovative technologies.  The products are manufactures under ISO quality and carry ISO certificate. Inalsa offers a wider range of Electric Kettles, Hand Blenders, Toasters, Food Processors, and much more.


KENT Top 10 Best small kitchen appliances brands

KENT is a trustable brand in India. Millions of households in Indian trust KENT for its Kitchen and Home Appliances needs. The small kitchen appliances offered from KENT are specifically designed carefully for the needs of the modern household. The range of small kitchen appliances offered from KENT helps you in preparing your food within minutes without compromising on the taste and hygiene of the food.

By keeping in mind the busy schedule of modern households, KENT makes it sure to offer such quality products that cook tasty meals faster. Also, the small kitchen appliances are designed in such a way that they are compact and thus you cook your favorite food without any mess. Their best selling products in the market include Induction Cooktops, OTG Ovens, Noodles and Pasta Makers, Instant Egg Boiler.


Best Small Kitchen Appliances Brands

The Italian design, German standards of quality, and constant innovation are the three pillars of Wonderchef small kitchen appliances. The brands are among the top-rated brand’s list in India which are known for creating products that enable the customers to cook tasty and healthy food with convenience.

More than 1 crore customers trust Wonderchef small kitchen appliances for their durability and modern design which adds charm to your kitchen. They are one of the perfect gifts that one can give to their loved ones on occasion. Their range of Kitchen Tools, Cooktops, Pressure Cookers, Blenders, Non-Stick Pans is among the most loved appliances appreciated by the Indian audience.


Over the last 3 decades now, Sujata has earned a fabulous reputation in the Indian market for its wide range of small kitchen appliances and its cutting edge manufacturing process. Sujata ranks number 1 in the list of best-priced Juicer Mixer Grinders in India.

Their “Make In India” story is motivating. Over the last 38 years in the industry, their products Juicer Mixer Grinders, Mixer grinders, Juicers never let down the customers in terms of efficiency, price, and durability. It is a perfect partner for the homemaker of every kitchen.


Pigeon is the sub-brand of StovekraftLimited. Stovekraft is an ISO certified and also the largest Limited company in the kitchen appliances industry. Pigeon provides a wide range of small kitchen appliances and makes it easy for you to get done with most of the hectic time-consuming tasks to be get done within a matter of minutes.

You experience the Joy of Cooking in every meal you cook. Their products rank number one Bestsellers in the category of small kitchen appliances. Pigeon has gained the trust of customers all across India. Their Induction Cooktops, Chimney, Vegetable chopper, Kives Set are some of the best selling products across the Indian market.


best small kitchen appliances brands

Prestige has been the choice of millions of houses for the last number of decades now. Prestige offers the maximum number of small kitchen appliances in the industry. The products of prestige are built on the pillars of Innovation, Safety, durability, and trust.

Prestige always keen to help its customers choose from a number of premium small kitchen appliances that are available 365 days a year. You can buy with confidence when it comes to prestige. The warranty and service from Prestige are the best in the industry too. Leading in the sales of Pressure Cookers, Mixer Grinders, Electric Rice Cookers, Induction Cooktops, Electric Chopper.

Now you are well aware of the best small kitchen appliances brands. If you buy products from the listed top 10 small kitchen appliances brands you will experience the product efficiency, quality, and durability and feel that they are becoming your helping hand in your daily needs for cooking. We always recommend you invest some time in educating yourself before buying any kind of product or kitchen appliance so you can get the perfect matching product to fulfill your needs.

Also, we strongly recommend going for the products carrying good energy star ratings. The Star-qualified products help you extra to save more bucks on your electricity bill. Big or small, savings are savings after all! Top 3 Kitchen Appliances is an online platform that provides FREE in-depth information about the thousands of products in the Kitchen and Home appliances Industry. Thus you get the most relevant information about the Top Brands, Best Selling Products along experts advise for free.

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